We offer a wide range of services, including

maintenance services to residential and commercial customers.

Sewer and Drain Repair

Copper Re-Piping

Conventional Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Whole House Filtration System Installation

Descaling of Tankless Heaters

Garbage Disposal Installation

Drain Cleaning

Leak Detection

Video Camera Inspection

Sewer Relining

Pipe Bursting

Water Softener Installation

Dishwasher Installation

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Toilet Installation

Faucet Installation

New Service Line Installation

Hydro Jetting

Tankless Water Heaters

We now install ALL Noritz, Takagi and Rinnai tankless water heaters. Commercial and residential.


Tankless Water Heaters are innovative, energy efficient, water heating solutions for today’s homes. From point of use applications to whole home systems, Rheem has the water heating solution to fit your needs while providing a continuous supply of hot water from an energy-efficient and space-saving product.

Need Hydro Jetting?

This is what it looks like when you run a cable through a stopped up sink. This is why stoppages can be nagging and reoccurring. A small hole is made in years of corrosion leaving a very small hole for drainage. With our new technology hydro jetting even small drain lines is now a reality. […]

Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive. Water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars every day. American Leak Detection's technicians use the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden water and sewer leaks.


Through our time-tested processes of "Leak Detection Without Destruction", you save resources, time, and money by incurring minimal disruption to your property.

Caring for Your Plumbing System


A&W Sons offers monthly tips for home owners to help care for their pipes so they’ll last longer and prevent a costly plumbing disaster later!

Anthony's tips!

Fall Plumbing Maintenance

During fall, leaves and temperatures begin to drop, giving you a subtle reminder that winter is just around the corner. This is the time to prepare your pipes for the cold winter days ahead.


Outdoors Spigots

Outdoor spigots and water hoses used during spring and summer should be prepared for hibernation. Follow this outdoor fall plumbing maintenance checklist to properly prepare for the cold days ahead:


Disconnect your water hose from the outdoor spigot. If left connected, the hose can freeze, expand and cause connected indoor pipes to burst.


Shut off the water valves for outdoor spigots — if you have them — and drain water from your outdoor water lines.


Check outdoor faucets for drips and leaks. Call a plumber to make any necessary repairs before winter arrives.


Cover all outdoor spigots using a Styrofoam insulation cover. You can find these at home improvement stores.


Insulate pipes in unheated areas of the home, such as the garage and crawl spaces. Use heat tape around pipes that are prone to freezing.


Water Heater

Your water heater has to work harder to keep your water hot during colder months. To help it work more effectively and efficiently, follow these simple water heater maintenance tips:


Keep your water heater temperature setting at 120° Fahrenheit for optimal performance.

Flush out your water heater to remove any sediment. Sediment causes corrosion, reduces efficiency, and shortens your water heater’s life span.

Test the water heater’s pressure release valve by lifting the lever and allowing it to snap back. If working properly, the valve should allow a burst of hot water into the drain pipe. Caution: Do not conduct this test on units that are five years old or older — consult a plumber in order to prevent causing a leak.


AW & Sons Plumbing is available to help with all you kitchen & plumbing services and can offer more drain problem tips to avoid issues in the future. Call us at (562) 690-1505


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