Why You May Need A Sewer Line Repair

//Why You May Need A Sewer Line Repair

Your home is network of fixtures, drains and pipes, and all of them connect to one thing: The main sewer line.

Over time, wear and tear can break down the sewer line, causing it to clog and even collapse. If your sewer line fails, so will the plumbing for the home, so it’s absolutely important that it remains in good shape.

What causes a sewer line problem? And what are the signs of sewer line failure? This blog post will answer these questions.

What Causes Sewer Line Issues?

  1. Severe Pipe Damage

Sewer pipes can break, which leads to the line being unable to drain the sewage. Pipes break for a few reasons:

  • Shifting soil
  • Heavy construction equipment above ground
  • Corrosion of an older pipe
  1. Tree Root Infiltration

When tree roots and shrubs grow underground, they search for sources of water. They latch onto the pipes and will continue to grow to reach the water inside. This is especially true with older pipes because they’re typically porous due to being made of clay.

  1. Grease Down The Drain

Grease does not belong in the drain. It hardens and create blockages. The more you pour grease and other fats down the drain, the bigger the potential problem will be in the future. Instead, put the grease in a container, give it time to harden, and throw it away.

Hire a Professional Sewer Line Plumber In San Clemente, CA

If you notice frequent backups in your drains, multiple plumbing fixtures are clogged, or your lawn starts to shift, it could be a sign of a sewer line problem. Don’t hesitate to call AW-Sons. We will conduct a thorough video inspection, and if necessary, help you explore the right sewer line replacement options.

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